Price policy

Dear Partner!

Even in today's conditions, price is of course important, but by applying our economic and marketing knowledge (and by neglecting the state of price competition-intoxication), we can develop more effectively, develop our businesses, and build our own and our family's future. Fortunately, today we have a lot of marketing opportunities available to us, with which we can sell quickly, stably, regularly and, last but not least, with a good profit. It's no use selling our products below the market price, if we don't provide at least the minimum necessary services, if we can't deliver the products within a short period of time, if we can't communicate with the customer in an appropriate way, we can't make them satisfied, and in the event of a complaint, we don't know how to communicate in a crisis its most important pillars. Don't forget: one satisfied customer brings 100! (=> one dissatisfied customer turns away 100 customers!).

Of course, everyone has their own right to what they sell and for how much. However, it is worth thinking about whether it is really possible to be with the price today, and whether it is best to operate? If hand-painted vases worth HUF 500 can be sold in shops, are people really that poor? The long-established theory "people don't have money", which is often heard today, can be forgotten, just as the slogan "I only use cheap vibrators" has no place. Trade is very complex, and the trader has the opportunity to get to know and use as many marketing activities as possible, which he considers to be the best!

The pricing of a physical store naturally depends on the economic situation of the settlement. It is natural that the same product is listed at a different price in Budapest, Prague, Bratislava, Vienna, etc... You cannot and should not interfere in this.

In e-commerce, however, the situation is different: there it certainly does not matter whether someone is online in Berlin or Milan - the maximum that matters is whether the customer wishes to receive the package in person, or rather requests the package by post.

It is very important to be aware that as much as the Internet offers opportunities, it also hides at least as many dangers! The Internet is a great way to compare prices instantly - just a few clicks away. Since 1996, websites have been created in droves, and there are already many in our category - the statistics show the same in the field of e-commerce as in physical stores. In the beginning, there were few e-shops, the merchant was happy if they found and ordered at all. Then more and more colorful, spectacular shops were created, which caused many people (often out of desperation, but rather due to a lack of information) to immediately look at the prices. This later shows an interesting, but already known result: in the best case, traffic rises for a short time due to the - mostly - returning visitors, and then falls deeper than before. Price reduction and selling products as cheap is not a service! Many people forget that customers like to enjoy the services that come with shopping.

A thought:

According to our experience, many people think that e-commerce is a web store that is convenient and simple, where you can see a lot of goods at a cheap price. Yes, these "credibles" are damaging the market (albeit not consciously), which no one wants. Why are prices the most important thing? What if all traders switched to minimum margins? What if wholesalers sold below the wholesale price to end users? There are always one or two web shops who create an online store only as an accessory, as a source of found money - to the detriment of merchants who seriously make a living from it. Unfortunately, such secondary webshops are difficult to filter out...

Our pricing policy:

According to our way of doing business, it is not necessary to reduce prices, but to apply the most and best e-commerce supporting business policy! Excellent service must be given alongside the product - even as a gift! There are a lot of advertising and promotion opportunities - even if limited - which at first seem expensive, but later the trader does not want to cancel, because his turnover (with the corresponding profit) has increased spectacularly.

We have received some indications that some merchants are "just so" creating a webshop where they quickly put all the products, with a minimum margin of 1.3, 1.4. According to their point of view, the given webshop is not important to these merchants, it does not mean the progress of their company, they only expect some extra money. This is neither classic nor modern trade, but above all, it cannot be included in the concept of e-commerce - it only serves to make the competitive situation impossible and to the detriment of several traders. This is not our goal, we cannot support this! We ask all our partners to set realistic prices for our products. Based on our pricing, if a trader buys, for example, an 5% discount from the wholesale list price based on the success of the cooperation, the recommended retail selling price is determined in such a way that the margin meets, and for some products far exceeds, the general commercial profit margins. (Some products can handle a much higher margin, but some cannot. Clothes, for example, can be sold with a lower margin than tools.) If a trader buys with bigger discounts, his margin will automatically be higher, i.e. his profit will increase.

In order to avoid misunderstandings: of course, anyone can choose 5-10-15 products, to which they apply one of the techniques of e-marketing, the "bait product": with a small margin, place it on the home page of the online store or in a prominent place. We experience this today with all well-functioning multis - so the low price is immediately fixed in the visitor's mind, and as we know, the first impression is extremely important...

Every month, our company sends a coupon code in the newsletter, which you can use to advertise a sale. I recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity.

Our wholesale price policy:

For most of our products, we work with a wholesale list, from which we provide a % discount to our partners according to the table below:

Amount of discount

Classic partner relationship

Minimum discount


Maximum discount


The amount of the discount depends on: traffic data and growth, length of partnership, location

Fixed-price products: For some of our products, e.g. LELO, DUREX, We-Vibe, we work with fixed favorable prices, from which we cannot provide additional discounts.

If you have any questions about our pricing policy, we are of course available at any of our contact numbers!

Thank you for your cooperation!

Sincerely, Erotikamarket team