You2Toys - Crystal potency pump
You2Toys - Crystal potency pump
You2Toys - Crystal potency pump
You2Toys - Crystal potency pump
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You2Toys - Crystal potency pump

9 pcs
(9 db)
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An all-over, powerful sucking effect, as if never tired lips were pampering you!

The sensation is further enhanced by the stimulating, massaging effect of the soft inner cuff's spherical surface.
The penis pump helps dilate blood vessels to achieve an erection and, with regular, cure use, penis growth can be achieved.

Why is it good?

  • Simple and therefore a great device
  • Helps to achieve a strong erection
  • Intense sucking experience
  • Penis growth can be achieved with regular use
  • Easy to use with a ball pump
  • Equipped with a safe vacuum valve
  • With flexible, soft cushion
  • Extra bulbous cuff design massages your penis
  • Thanks to its translucent colour you can monitor the hardening of your penis

Watch this:

  • Only use water-based products for lubrication
  • Use only water-based products
  • If you create too much vacuum in the cylinder, you may experience pain or discomfort, so use your little toy with care
  • If you experience any discomfort, use the safety drain valve and stop using the pump!

TIP: Always use a water-based lubricant with the product for easy penetration and to avoid premature cuff wear!

How to use:

Just slide your penis into the soft cuff of the roller, which if it's hard to do, feel free to use a water-based lubricant. (This will also extend the life of the cuff.) Then, once you're in the right position, start pushing slowly and gently on the ball pump handle. You'll feel the vacuum sucking more and more of your manhood, pampering it and achieving stronger and stronger erections. Increase the vacuum only as much as it feels good, don't overdo it or it may backfire. If the device is on your penis for too long and with too strong a vacuum, or if you feel a stabbing, uncomfortable, painful sensation, release the vacuum immediately to avoid possible damage. Do not use the pump for more than 15 minutes.
If you need to, you can keep your hardened manhood strong with a penis ring attached to the base of your penis.

Product specifications:

  • translucent vacuum cylinder
  • soft, removable, spherical top with translucent silicone cuff
  • with transparent hose and pump
  • with safe drain valve
  • easy to use on a ball pump cover
  • total cylinder length: 19,5cm
  • depth: 19cm
  • inner diameter: approx. 4,6-4,8cm
  • Material: ABS, Silicone

Cleaning suggestion:

Wash thoroughly with mild soapy lukewarm water, rinse and allow to dry. Recommended: use special cleaning agent (06302500000) - available separately.

Download instructions for use (PDF)

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